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How do I re-post an ad?

Ads placed on the Post and Core website are time sensitive.

This means that as newer ads are placed, older ads drop further down the display list of the category and sub-category within which they have been placed.

Since all ads are currently free of charge the only way to refresh an ad that has not yet expired, but has dropped down on the list due to date priority, is to re-post the ad. This will bring the ad back to the top of the list.

The steps taken to re-post an ad are identical to the process that must be followed to initially post an ad..

When using this method, it is advisable to first copy the existing information from the 'Description' field of the current ad, as this usually contains the most information, and then paste it when preparing the re-post version.

This avoids the need to spend a great deal of time replacing the information manually.


Although we encourage users to employ the re-post method of keeping their ads near the top of lists, we also request that older ads then be deleted from our system once the new ones are live and online.

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