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Is the print ad dead? Well, if it’s not dead yet, it surely is on life-support! Not totally convinced? Just check the shrinking size of the classified ad section of your local newspaper and the dropping rate of newspaper and magazine subscriptions if you have any doubt.

Welcome to Post and Core, the world’s first website devoted entirely to the needs of the dental professional and the promotion of the dental industry. Whether you are a dentist, dental auxiliary, student, lab tech, manufacturer, or supplier, make Post and Core your one-stop destination to find your target marketplace and to find exactly what you need.

And…our ads are 100% FREE of charge.

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The internet offers many advantages that the world of print simply cannot match. Let’s compare them in a few key ways.


  • Ads on the internet run 24 hours each day, 7 days per week.
  • There is no waiting for print and publishing deadlines and cycles.
  • Print ads appear only on the dates and in publications for which they are specifically placed.
  • With the printed ad, once the page is turned…it’s gone.


  • Internet advertising avoids the hit-or-miss factor by constantly being available to more users, in more places, for a sustained period of time.
  • Print ads depend on random chance to facilitate the union of advertiser and respondent. In other words, the user has to find the right ad on the exact day and/or the exact issue that the ad will appear, otherwise there will be no connection made. Consequently, you could be missing out on a lot of people seeing and replying to your Ad. It becomes the equivalent of two ships passing in the night, each unaware that the other exists.

Space and Price

  • Internet ads allow for greater amounts of written information, called copy, as well the inclusion of graphics and photos. Price is usually fixed…or as in this case…it’s FREE!
  • Printed ads are limited by space constraints; the more space and add-ons required, the greater the corresponding costs to users.


  • Internet ads can be defined and collected for viewing by way of search engines, which translates into a guarantee that a user’s time is not wasted and their interests are served.
  • As we said earlier, with the printed ad, once the page is turned…it’s gone.

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