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How can I add pictures to my ad?

Post and Core allows users to include up to 6 pictures with each of their ads.

Begin by clicking on the appropriate area to open the optional 'Add/Edit Images' feature.

Once this feature has opened, click on the 'Browse' button.

You will now be able to search through your computer's directory to locate your photo, picture or image storage files.

Double click your mouse on the selected image to begin the uploading process.

This will automatically load the file, and the descriptive for each entry, which will fill the associated field.

Repeat this step for each remaining image, if so desired, up to a maximum of 6.

You can change or delete a chosen image by simply returning to the position of the unwanted image and clicking the 'Remove' button once. You now have the option of replacing the image you have just removed by following the steps listed above, or you may decide to leave this image position empty.

Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

All selected pictures will appear in the ad preview located below the 'Browse' button.

Further editing or replacing of images can be accomplished at the time you are constructing your ad, or at any later time by selecting the specific ad in 'My Account'.

Follow the same steps as described above.

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